The business plan is a vital document for your creative career. Written effectively, a business plan can help raise capital, and also draw new talent…

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What is a business plan and why does this document matter? Let’s take a closer look…

A business plan is a formal document outlining the goals, direction, finances, team, and future planning. It can be geared toward investors, in a bid to raise capital, or used as an internal document for the company!

It typically includes market research, competitor analysis, financial information, an overview of your business and marketing plan.

A business plan can be very helpful during a company’s initial growth and serve as a guiding force amid the uncertainty of a NEW business and at times rapid developments involved in starting a business.

A business plan should be a living, breathing document that guides…

It's never been a better time to enter the music industry, but you need to understand the business!

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How to start in the music industry today, so you have a bright idea? Technology has really opened a host of new opportunities for people around the Globe to help build you a music career!

The music industry is — changing, expanding and evolving to meet new demands. Instead of competing for traditional jobs, among musicians, or as soloists, they are looking at alternative career opportunities to forge a path.

People have more opportunities than ever to enter a music career, with so many tools available to us all. …

Podcasting is going from strength to strength. How do you get a podcast agent?

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I was thinking, with the launch of so many podcast shows over the past year, within the Global pandemic — What does it take to gain a podcast agent are there any barriers to entry?

So I thought to write this article and take a closer look at this exciting area of podcasting!

What to Look For in a Podcast Booking Agency/Agent

Before you give your hare earn money to a podcast talent agent” we have compiled a checklist of what to look for, this is what a good podcast guest booking agency should be doing for you…

Identifying Your Audience!

Your message? If you’re hoping to grow your show’s listenership, it’s…

From tickets, camping to toilets & more. What you need to know as a consumer, so you can enjoy that magical festival experience!

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So you’ve got your festival ticket, the headliners are confirmed and you’re ready to go!

Packing for your favourite festival, however, can be much less exciting. But, we have a full list of anything you might need.

Before deciding what your essentials are, there are some things to think about:

  • Only bring what you need
  • You’ll have to carry your stuff in and out of the festival
  • Remember to ‘Leave no trace’ — don’t plan to abandon your equipment at the festival this is NOT good!
  • Trolleys can help carry more weight but can be awkward to use
  • If you’re…

Creating NEW opportunities to help the indie-music sector gain more awareness for their music in the artist engine spotlight…

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CALLING all bands, artists and musicians, would you like your music to be showcased on The Entertainment Engine podcast for — SEASON 3 COMING SOON?

If so, please keep reading to find out more!

The podcast show is looking to showcase bands & artists, for SEASON 3 for the ‘Artist Engine Spotlight’ each month. Featuring some of the best “indie” music from around the World, the show has already showcased music and artists from;

South America, United Kingdom, USA & Australia…

The Entertainment Engine weekly podcast series is created by Seamless Entertainment to provide helpful tips on navigating the entertainment…

With so much more choice today with TV & Film programming — We take a look at some of the BIG streaming platforms of today— Netflix, Amazon & Disney plus!

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You now have many more places to watch your favourite TV programs than ever before. But, choosing the right streaming service for your home entertainment setup depends on several factors, your budget, titles you like to watch, and how many screens!

Netflix has grown from a startup to an industry juggernaut, while major studios having entered the marketplace with services like Disney Plus, HBO & Paramount TV etc.

With its exclusive shows and incredible 4K quality, Netflix continues to set the streaming standard…

  • Netflix Basic: $9 a month for standard definition (SD) streaming. The UK (£5.99 GBP) a month
  • Netflix Standard: $14 a month for high definition (HD) streaming up to two devices at the…

OK, so you have all your shows booked and you’re ready to take your show on the road?

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Going on a tour can be a great experience. There’s a sense of freedom a musician experiences when on the road. It’s a truly magical adventure!

However, to ensure you have a great experience, there’s a lot more planning involved. The time between booking shows for a tour and when you hit the road is very important to get right!

You need to be diligent about keeping track of all the details, promotions, and staying well organized. …

How the indie sector can pivot to sell singles and albums out of the Pandemic and create that magical music career!

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With the changing landscape of the music industry, and due to the Global pandemic, how can the “indie” artists pivot to create that release schedule for their single and album over the coming months?

Let's take a closer look at some key points;

1. You Must Plan Ahead…

Planning ahead is key when you’re working in the music industry. When you think about well-known artists who are signed to record labels, those artists aren’t just dropping songs and music videos because they just feel like it.

They’re following a release plan. When releasing your single you should give yourself a 4–6 month planning window after…

A great source of potential revenues for any artist, band, and musician, creating that BRAND feel. From designing it to selling it!

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With many gigs and tours on hold for music artists around the world, putting together a merchandise strategy has never been more important for artists and bands.

Whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, hats, or posters, selling merchandise is a great way to maintain an income stream and keeping your relationship with your fans strong!

With so many music fans stuck at home due to the pandemic, they’re also hungry for connection to their favorite artists.

From developing your merch look-and-feel to designing and selling it. Here are some useful tips and ideas to maximize your merchandising.

1- Developing Your Brand Identity?

Before you get started designing…

It's never been a better time to build a career in the music industry today!

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Over the past year its been a very difficult time for many people, and the creative industry have certainly had their fair share of bad news, loss of work, due to the GLOBAL pandemic.

But I do believe through adversity comes opportunity, and the entertainment industry is no different, with many ups and downs over the years, but I do believe there is going to be some LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.


Well, with so much music coming from the creative community, it seems to be a good time to provide people with a solid learning curve to…

Peter Moore

Peter has lived New York, Los Angeles and London working in the music, film and TV industries for over three decades helping creators realize their vision.

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